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LICENSING  - for English
First, I'm Japanese, so if I use wrong Englsh. I'm very sorry. This site's (SLOS) all musics are (Royalty) free for use licensing In the case of use, first, read this information. ◆ All musics are free for use licensing. You can use all the musics currently exhibited at this site. But we don't disclaimer author's copyright. So, If you want use our musics. Please protect the following things to use music. (If you only listen, It's not necessary to protect the following.) ◆ You must informing to us. If you use SLOS's musics, you must informing to us. Please give me the report used from this form → INFORMING FORM And perform a report, after a work is exhibited. Please do not report, in being before a work is exhibited. You must informing for every work. It's not onetime. When you send the right informing, there is no reply in particular from us. ◆ You must the link and copyright notice to "SLOS". In the case of use, the link and copyright notice to "SLOS" are required. Please the link to "SLOS" ( You can choose method by text or banner about the link. ************************************************************************************* WEB SITE NAME : SLOS - Liberate your Sense & Image. URL : ************************************************************************************* ◆ You can use to all media. Fare-paying work, Free work, CD, DVD,website BGM, Streaming...all media OK. But in the case of use to fare-paying. Please provide finished productions. (download media, to by E-mail about URL.  Please do not attached file for E-mail.) Individual, Company, Club, all user can use. However, It cannot distribute only music. In the case of use to soundtrack CDs, please contact to us. ◆ You can edit SLOS's musics. Trimming, loop, effect, vocal mix... You can edit SLOS's musics you like. But you don't edit like the original music is not clear anymore. You can change data format.(ex:  MP3 → Ogg/WAV/WMA) But we can not change work. If you want change format. Please do it yourself. ◆ Don't Division download or downloading software. Please do not division download or do not use some downloading software. And please do not direct link to musics URL. ◆ We have fare-paying plan. If you want to "not informing" "not the link" "not copyright notice" we have fare-paying plan. Sorry, If you living out of Japan or If you can't use Japanese. You can't receive this service yet. When we ready for service, we will update this information. Please read the above-mentioned contents well. If you can protect them, Please use our musics.